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Bushing Compression Machine

Industrial Market

Bushings Inc. provides our metal clad rubber insulated bushings and overmolds to the premier OEM’s in the Industrial Market. In many cases we have provided quality products and service to these market leaders since the molds were transferred to us in the mid 1960’s.

We have the expertise in material selection, development of compounds, design experience and method of manufacture - drawn from 70+ years in business, and thousands of applications. Our experience ensures your successful application.

Listed below are just a few of the Market Segments and Applications where our rubber insulated bushings and rubber to metal overmolds have been successfully applied.

Track Conversion Systems
Drive Bushings

Refrigeration Units
Clutch BushingsRubber Flex Bushings

Drive and Arm Bushings
Foundry Shakeouts
Recycling Machinery
Forest Products / Pulpers
Aggregate Grading
Food Processing

Road Maintenance Equipment
Asphalt Scarifying Arms

Mass Transit
School Bus
Railroad Locomotive
Coupling Bushings
Airport and Shuttle Bus Suspensions

Weaving Machines
Lever Bushings

Rubber Insulated Bushings and Overmolds

Irrigation Systems
PTO Clutch Bushings

Locating Bushings for Imaging Systems
Wheelchair bushings


Ag Market
Tiller and Harvester Bushings

Gold Recovery Machines

Armament Mounting Bushings

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What Our Clients Say About Us

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"I want to take this opportunity to thank the Bushings Incorporated team that recently helped us get our automated assembly line up and running.  For years our line required our rubber insulated overmolds be manually inserted due to several failed attempts to get an automated press to properly insert the bushings.  The Bushings Incorporated team was able to help by working with our manufacturing engineers to develop fixtures, and procedures that were able to get the automated press up and running.

With the new press up and running, the consistency has been great, and the operator is very happy with the new process.  The operator says that the new press and fixturing is doing a good job at installing the bushings straight and consistent.  He has experienced no “mushrooming” or tearing of the bushings with the automated press (this was the reason for manually inserting them for so many years).  The operator also says that the job is much easier on him, and the production level is up due to the new process.

The help that was received to improve our process was above and beyond.  That kind of support is needed and appreciated, and while most vendors lack in their support, it is my feeling that Bushings Incorporated and their team have gone one step above.

Thanks again for the support!"

Steven A.
Engineering Product Manager
Motion Control Division


Our Company

Established in suburban Detroit in 1942, Bushings Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of rubber insulated bushings, and marine/industrial engine mounts, with headquarters in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Our rubber molded products, including engine mounts, rubber insulated bushings, and rubber overmolds are world class quality, and are specified by leading Original Equipment and Aftermarket Manufacturers.


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